How to export files from Illustrator to After Effects?

illustratortoaftereffectsI am starting with tutorials on my website. The first thing I’d like to show is how to export projects from Illustrator to After Effects.

I’ve always loved and preferred to create vector graphics in Illustrator than raster in Photoshop. When I wanted to export it to After Effects, I had two problems.

  1. After exporting Illustrator project (.ai) to After Effects, I obtain slightly different colors
  2. Project was not divided into layers, there was only one combined layer

You can see the process step by step what you should do to make the colors match and make layers divided.

The whole process I will show on my logo


The first thing you have to do is change the document color mode from CMYK to RGB. To do this, click File> Document Color Mode> RGB Color


But often it is not enough. You have to select your entire project


Then click Edit > Edit Colors > Convert to RGB


Then you have to press button on the section layers and press Release to Layers (Sequence)



In this way we spread our main layer (in my case Layer 2) on multiple layers. We select all the layers except our main layers and move them into empty space beneath them.


Our main layer (Layer 2) is empty, we can leave it or remove it.


We save our project and import it into After Effects. When we do this After Effects will show us window with the option of choice to import our project as one layer or layers from dividing. We are interested in Import Kind > Composition



Well done, we have imported the project of dividing into layers in the same colors as in Illustrator. Now each of our motion graphic will be created with greater ease. I hope that all of you came out the same. If you have any problems or questions contact me on email



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